How it works...

Each week the studio is transformed into a different theatrical environment,
filled with imaginative props and musical instruments designed to inspire the creative talents of our participants.
Improvising together through the mediums of music, dance and drama we create amazing transitory pieces of immersive theatre every session.

A unique feature of InnerSense is the way in which the environment and workshop cater for the widely differing needs of our clients - people with PMLD are encouraged to explore the textures, tastes, sounds of the environment, people with autism may have special ‘safe’ areas from where they can participate, people with MLD may explore the narrative, sequential elements of the theme.

The artistic process we have developed facilitates these opportunities for engagement and interaction.

The workshop programme evolves directly in response to our clients’ needs. It is developmental.

Experience shows that a lighting change, the sound of an instrument, the texture of a beautiful cloth, a puppet, can elicit incredible responses and creativity. When planning the workshops all of these components are carefully considered and implemented.